Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Quick Post but No Pictures

Well, today was a first for me, I taught a Promarker class to a lovely group of ladies at my local Hobby Craft!  They hadn't used Promarkers before, but by the end of the class, they'd all coloured a stamped image of a poppy beautifully, and made it into a card.   I have to say I was really impressed with how well they all did, there was a lot of natural talent on display, and they all made me very welcome.  Thanks you for having me ladies!
I did take some photos of the ladies and of the card we made, but unfortunately my SD card seems to have corrupted and my computer can't read it.  At least I'm hoping it's just the card and not my camera, I'll have to buy a new card tomorrow and see if it works, but I'm so annoyed to have lost the pics.


  1. sound great shame about the photos Ginny x

  2. Well done, I'm sure you did a fantastic job and hope you do plenty more :)

  3. Good for you Wendy!, I know your class would be fab as your own colouring is so good, wish I'd known it was on, I would have joined in and I'm sure I would have benefited too, Kate x

  4. Nice one Wendy! If I'd known I'd have come too. Looks like you might have Kate and I on board if you do one again! Shame about the lost pics. Is it definitely the card that's corrupt? My software got corrupt but I was able to bypass it and just upload through windows and I now use photoshop instead. Shona xx


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