Friday 29 June 2012

Double Pocket Card Tutorial

Here's a super easy tutorial for a double pocket card which is perfect for adding tags or holding gift cards or money, and is so much nicer than an envelope!
There's no measuring involved and only a few simple folds.

Take a sheet of double sided A4 paper, or as I've done, cut down a sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper, its the perfect weight too.
The side you have facing up will be what you see on the inside of the pockets.
Fold it in half vertically and horizontally to divide into quarters, using a bone folder for nice, crisp folds.

Fold the top left and bottom right corners in almost as far as the vertical fold line.

Fold the bottom half up as shown.

Fold the left side behind the right and you'll end up with this.

This is how it will look inside.

Add double sided tape as shown in the picture to secure the card and re-fold.
Burnish the folds with a bone folder and that's you ready to decorate your card anyhow you like.

Here's my finished card.  I decorated it with a handmade flower and a punched border and I made a little tag that a message can be written on.


  1. Morning Wendy fabulous tutorial love the finished card the flower is beautiful and the papers are fab. Caroline xxx

  2. Fab tutorial Wendy and a great idea too :-)

    xx Sazzle xx

  3. fabulous tutorial wendy - I'll have a go at that I think! It looks very simple! Hugs Rachel xx

  4. Hi Wendy
    Your double pocket card is gorgeous
    thanks for such a brilliant, clear and easy to follow tutorial, I will definitely be having a go at one of these.


  5. Thank you Wendy for the tutorial it was great:)x

  6. A great tutorial. I need to try this. Elaine

  7. Brilliant, thanks very much!
    Helen (aka craftgrl62)

  8. fantastic tutorial and a great project xxx

  9. great tutorial Wendy and a fab card xx

  10. BRILLIANT idea!! I have to make one of theses! it has sooo many possiable options to go for. xxx

  11. Great tutorial Wendy!!
    I,m going to make this one!!
    Came to your blog from the Outlawz.
    Hope to see a lot of your beautiful creations there!!


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